Best Sunglasses for Sensitive Eyes

 what are the Best Sunglasses for Sensitive Eyes?

Exposure to UV rays can cause a number of eye diseases, causing severe corneal problems, from glaucoma, cataracts to macular degeneration. Regular sunglasses are made for everyday applications, so they are not suitable for special conditions. A person suffering from sensitive eyes requires photophobia glasses to block certain wavelengths of light. Light sensitive sunglasses have heavily tinted glasses, offering complete protection from UV light.

Light sensitivity can occur due to several conditions: migraine, traumatic brain injury (TBI), epilepsy, fibromyalgia are only to name a few. Photophobia sufferers have a strong intolerance to light. The condition can get worse when light-sensitive eyes are exposed to fluorescent or LED lights. Photophobia lenses are category 4 glasses, built with FL-41 lenses. Sunglasses for sensitive eyes can block certain wavelengths of light, offering a natural solution to bad light. The best kinds of photophobia eyes block sunlight, wind, moisture and allergens from entering the eyes. If you have light sensitive eyes and looking for a pair of high glare glasses, you can check out polarized glasses, dark glasses, photochromic glasses and wrap around glasses. Generally found in brown and dark shades, these light-sensitive glasses are lightweight glasses with large-sized lenses for excellent peripheral vision.

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